English Typing Lesson

A very simple and ingenuous process is developed for the quick learning of Typing in English. which is covered by the following bullet points :-
  1. English Typing Lesson - Mid Row
  2. English Typing Lesson - Top Row
  3. English Typing Lesson - Bottom Row
  4. English Typing Lesson - Numbers & Symbols 
  5. English Typing Lesson - Use of Right Shift & Left Shift
All of the bullet points are covered in Total 18 English Typing Lessons. So Kindly navigate to practice those lessons via Online or Offline English Typing Tutor.

Before Starting the English Typing Lessons. Take a look "How to Place Fingers on Keyboard?" Click Here

English Typing Lesson : Anop English Typing Tutor
English Typing Lesson : Anop English Typing Tutor

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